My passion about teaching and learning,
How I use ICTs
Youtube video to lighten the load.

My Passions
-Bilingual Education and first language maintenance.
A leai se gagana, ua leai se aganu‘u, a leai se aganu‘u ona po lea o le nu‘u.
When you lose your language, you lose your culture and when there is no longer a living culture, darkness descends on the village.
(Fanaafi , 1996:1)
Working alongside the community

-Environment and have been following global warming from a community perspective.

-Treating others the way I want to be treated -Facilitating Professional Learning
O le ala o le pule o le tautua

Seeing learners create something stunning
Hearing their reflection on the process

-Staff learning
-When staff media snack- that push their pedagogy= make connections
(Eating an elephant-one bite at a time)

How I use ICTs
Real time technology for learning-
-SOLO Taxonomy as the framework for whatever I teach.
Strive for context embedded learning.
-Forums- with the children
-Twitter- PD
-Emails-online feedback and feed forward
-Bite size- Wetoku, apps
-Live stream
-Webinairs- PD
-Facebook- Communication personal account and a professional account
-Superclubsplus- Cybersafety
-Skype when training or learning from the children
-Digital footprint- extensive

Collaborative Authorship
Wiki Farm
Superclubplus- Cybersafety
Live Binder

Professional learning
-that allows a range of merging of bites of learning

From ' My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'