2012 Newmarket School Inquiry Goal Action Plan

Focus Area: Making connections to prior learning and experience
Goal Statements for:
Term Two:
Planning and implementation of evidence based strategies.
Term 3:
Analysis and adjustments
Term Four: Outcome
Evaluation and dissemination
Making connections to
(targeted children)
prior learning and experience in order to raise achievement.
Identify ELL children who are not yet at school benchmark.
Ensure that they are given a large bag of holiday reading.
Give them a visual to help them set achievable goals.
Accelerate the lessons
Have focused learning intentions on comprehension.
Regularly monitor progress and evaluate against reading grid.
Use SOLO Taxonomy to frame reflections both for children and me.
My Targeted children made positive progress in reading.
The evidence included the ongoing graph, the visual goals, their reading log.
Identify factors that aid second language learning. (Ellis, 1994)
From discussion at the ESOL area meetings, I will carry out an investigation looking at factors that affect second language acquisition. This information will be fed back to staff at my term 4 planned staff meeting.
When I reflect on the progress of my targeted children, I am pleased with the results.
they continue to score well below against National Standards, however I can show that they have made 2 years progress in one year.
My next steps will be to run a parent meeting for my second language parents.
Be observed when teaching with SOLO
I was observed by Ginnie with my writing group.

Write my inquiry framed with SOLOtaxonomy.

Download my inquiry below.