Flying Hours for Online Mediation

Skype Meeting with Suzanne to begin online training.
I have installed Firefox and Broadband will be arriving at home this week.
30 minutes
Online with Narissa
Spent the time answering emails.
Forgot to hide myself.
Had trouble with Firefox so used Safari.
Prior to coming on tonight I installed the wireless server and configured the laptops to access the internet.
70 minutes
Online with Paul
Had a good look at the tools on the left side bar.
Great to see the macros so that the standard email can be used for different kinds of email.
Something I was trying to do from memory the last time I was on.
Seeing what some of the learners get up to - I know I can cope with that kind of online behaviour.
It will make it a change from our school. Our children are reasonably behaved.
Solved the Firefox issue under preferances.
I had to deactivate the proxy.
I still cannot get to my school information to award my chn their bronze badges.
The next time I log on, I will open a second page to access the macros.
50 minutes
What a crazy month
Christchurch had earthquakes and this slowed dow my provider.
I had issues getting access from home.
So spent 2 weeks solving this- can't have hassles when I am Heads up.
Spent time on my teachers account catching up with the children and getting ready for ULEARN.
Flying time- very little.
Will have to do some number crunching over the next few days.

Spent time going through all the tools.
Feeling a little overwhelmed because the site looks different.
Met Debbie online. I was with her the whole time she was mediating.
I watched how she quickly cleared the workload.
Then I had a try at BLT. Debbie ok ed any macros that I needed to add.
Then Melissa came online and did the same.
I felt quite tired after this session.
There were no real challenges, only a few responses that I over anticipated.
I was worried about perceptual blindness. So it was good to have a mediator shadow me in case I was overlooking information.
Located Lavinia online and popped her a message.
I remember when I first was on how neat it was when a mediator or another teacher responded because sometimes you can feel alone in your own school.
4 hours
Only on for a short time with Scott.
Tried to set my acma cyber awards as a mediator but found that I still have to do them all.
So will work on that over the next few days.
I found out how to locate students so that I can see their current stats.

Had to get my 2 badges so I did.
had a look at the suspension section at what chn would be suspended for.
Then gave Carey a hand with BLT for about an hour.
Seemed a bit trickier tonight. I have to go back over my notes. I was unsure for when chn get macroed when discussing websites and for discussing boyfriend girlfriend stuff. There seemed a lot of that being discussed between chn even as young as year 3.
2 hours

New Total
9 hours
Spent several hours creating a livebinder for superclubsplus. Wrote an article for Fiona about Superclubsplus. Worked on Vokis for Netsafe. Prepared notes for interview later this term with Netsafe. (4 hours)
Up on the mediator site over midnight. To see who is on SCP- great to see no chn from school.
Then reread through Mediator updates again and reread some previous emails using gmail shared documents.
30 minutes
Hopped on to have a look at SCP site but see build time so stayed in my school name. Had a look around google tools. It is important as a mediator to be really familiar with google mail and google documents. This is part of mediator learning too. Today I had a good look in mail for documents I had previously received but could not find them. Then when I went into documents I found a message from MW regarding the contacts list. I also found a document a month old about guidelines for mediation. On reading it I was pleased to read about going over recent changes in SCP because I had just reread the download from Suzanne regarding mediator updates. I was also interested to reading that I can ask for feedback from Suzanne half way through training. However I might do that at 20 hours. She might have already told me that in our initial skype discussion. (1 hour)
1 hour

What skills do we need
Yes complete the Superteacher award and yes to mediator manual. But we also need a working knowledge of skype, gmail and google documents. I am a proud geek, and so all this has even challenged my skills. Being of a certain generation I have had to actively look for skype buddies. Thank goodness my son has recently moved to a different city so this is one way I have learnt to use skype. A young teacher introduced me to shared documents on skype. Regarding google mail- I am stabbing in the dark. However it is a good tool to become familiar with because of the cloud concept. Even regarding gmail I am continually familiarising myself with all its quirks. Time management is of course important and because I have a passion for guiding children in cybersafety I will continue to chip away at my own learning.
What tools do we need
I will need to upgrade my home computer eventually and ongoing access to broadband. If I am to be working with teachers then I will also need a T.stick as many schools are not as strong as Newmarket with regards to internet access. Also when I visit schools as a mediator, I cannot be seen to be using their systems.
What are business hours?

I spent the hour fixing cybersafety certificates that had been glitched in the system. I go on mediator and click cybersafety progress tool. I check that the chn have completed all areas and them award them the badge. I also had to keep clicking the number to activate all pieces. So I did not have to resit the badge- DOH. Then I locate the child's page and award them another page and click edit to activate the acma link. Then press publish. Whoohoo The children concerned will be pleased. I was on with Karen H. I also spent some time looking at schools in NZ online so I will target them over the next few days.
1 hour
Online with Debbie and then Paul. 9.00pm-11.00pm
Spent time familiarising myself with the incidents section and how to check back before activating the macron in BLT. Had a try at Blue star and with some media. I am unsure how I will cope when I have to look after GSC and SCP. I also noticed LR had a media alert on her homepage- I am still a little unsure of what that was all about. Then with Paul some of the chn's pages did not have their star bar. Then they did- so was unsure how I got to that section. A little HOT discussion happening and a little of squabbles.

It has been so busy at school that finding the odd hour here or there has not been easy. It was great to see NW from my school work on her super teacher award. This will certainly help take the load next year at school. I spent a bit of time this week still fixing cybersafety awards for the ch. We also had our first child research page completed. I have also helped NW cope with the school site and how to activate the bronze awards.
2 hours
Hopped on at 6.15am but saw no mediator so hopped off, best to stay away if no one else there at this stage.
School supervision on SCP takes up a bit of extra time in order to get the best out of the programme. I almost want to suggest that they keep in mind that schools with great samples for advertising need extra input into them.
I wonder if they realise the extra amount needed for this to continue. Thankfully my own principal was supportive. Over the year I wished I had kept a log of the time I was putting into the school site and into training our children.

I want more training in Cybersafety.
I have been on Facebook and found 35 of our children. All under 13 years and some even as young as 8 years.
That was a wake up call. Located all their FB accounts and sent my principal their user names. Question- What do I need to do a s a teacher to delay this transition as long as possible. This also raises questions with our intermediate school aged children. Are we trying desperately to keep all the chickens in an unfenced coop when using SCP with this level?
We also need to create our own staff policy regarding web 2 tools.That is something new for us as educators.

Hopped on again this morning. Paul was mediating. However skype was down. So had to use GMAIL chat. This was not working well so only stayed for a short while. Took me ages to message Paul as I had to learn first how to use AI M in google chat.
ARGG my chief SCP mentor is leaving- now what? Ah well because life online changes daily- will just have to deal with this.

I learned all about FRape or facebook rape today. This is when a user leaves their account open and someone else comes in and abuses it for a short time. I learned about locking down phones for this important reason. I also found an online dictionary dedicated to current jargon and latest street speak. I have let our principal know that I want to run a parent meeting for SCP early in 2011.

Hopped on from 8.15 am until 10.15 am Catriona from Scotland was heads up. SCP seemed quiet. Then realised later that it is late at night in Europe and in New Zealand we have a gorgeous summers day so most children are probably at the beach. I spent time in the tech team section and had a good look around what tech team members do. I also found a page for running parenmt meetings for SCP. This was a nugget to find as we are planning our parent meeting early in the year for school I also located schools in New Zealand using SCP and bounced off a few emails to lead teachers to show some support. I will keep my eye on this section of the site because I believe that if schools are active then that is a great form of advertisement for SCP. I also noticed no numbers in Canterbury which surprised me. So will make personal contact with some of those principals. It was good to have skype up and running again while mediating. I checked out the area where chn receive warnings and noted why suspension can occur. Then picked up that I need to think about our own year 6 children leaving SCP for intermediate next year. I have to really push that area or the chn will loose all their work.
Next time I hop on SCP I want to work with media. I wonder how important it is to use the Gold Star Cafe considering I have spent about an hour there only.
2 hours

(new total 15 hours and 30 minutes)

Learnt how to group chat in Skype Natasha in preparation for HU. I will have practice with my 2 boys so that I am confident at doing group skype.
Need to do HU between 4-7 Oz time that is between 6 and 9 pm New Zealand Time. So I have to schedule that over the next few days. I have been avoiding busy times so that I can have a look around. So now it is time to concentrate on the job at hand. I will check out the group schedule and target times. I will target 17.00-20.00 or 5.00- 8.00pm Karen, Priya, James, Antoinette and Jenny every evening this week.

Have been on in teacher mode over the past few days. I have also been away on vacation then coming back I explored up and coming web 2 tools. Was able to advertise SCP to USA educators in edmodo via my voki connection. I have tried again with our local intermediates to get them onboard as I really do not want to delete all our chn's work. It is just not fair on them.
Hopped on as mediator for one hour with Carey
10.00-11.00 still looking around and becoming familiar with the tools. I found the list of current bad language targeted and was surprised the see that words I thought were serious were not serious and words I did not think were serious. I had a look at some of the new areas, eg: MM, activities. I was able to locate any warning I had given.
I wish I could be in communication with someone beside me. So think the office idea is much more doable than trying to train remotely. But will persevere.
1 hour
Today I presented to a group of 42 teachers in the Catholic System. I shared with them all about Superclubsplus being free to New Zealand Schools as part of TelstraClear's commitment to Cybersafety. I can home and followed via email up with the Auckland Director. Here is the presentation link. Yesterday I helped the DP at our local intermediate register for SCP. I also sent him a TECH Team certificate to hand out to their first tech team member- one of my past students. (1 hour).

Tonight I went online with Becky for an hour from 9.15 until about 10.30. I haven't been on in mediator for over a month so refreshed my knowledge of the tools. I had a look at 2 schools I am involved with to see how they are getting on. On large intermediate is doing fantastically well. So I have scheduled a meeting there next week. It is having school samples that you can point teachers to that make a difference.
Canterbury suffered earthquakes. So will delay that contact.
1 hour

I visited with Anil at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate. They are the first Auckland Intermediate to come on board with Superclubsplus and they are moving very quickly.
We created a documnet of technicalities for the SCP tech team and I have emailed through his recommendations to the team. ( 1 hour)

I visited with Lesley at ANi and helped her register their teachers in time for their workshop with the New Zealand PD person for Superclubsplus. They have scheduled a parnet meeting to keep parents up to date with what they are doing.

I then transfered our children across to their list and cleared that with the registration personnel.

I also registered St Ignatius in preparation for Cybersafety PD I am running there in the holidays. (3 hours.)