Compare the dragon with the lion.
The dragon is a legendary creature in Chinese folklore
The lion
The parts
nine anatomical resemblances
Of the 117 scales, 9X9 =81 are of the yang essence (positive) while 36 9x4 are of the yin essence (negative).
Always has a red sash tied to one horn.
The lion with the white colored fur is considered to be the oldest of the lions.
Lion dance costumes are considered to be spiritually protective when used as they are traditionally blessed before usage.
Southern Chinese Lions eyes and mouth move.
The dance is performed during Chinese new year and other festivities. Life sized cloth and wooden pupperts manipulated by a team of people.
the head of the Dragon must be able to co-operate with the body in combination with the timing of the drum
The dragon tail also has an important role to play as it will have to keep in time with head movements. The fifth section is considered to be the middle portion and the performers must be very alert as the body movements change from time to time.
ome of the patterns of the dragon dance are "Cloud Cave", "Whirlpool", T'ai chi pattern, "threading the money", "looking for pearl", and "dragon encircling the pillar". The movement "dragon chasing the pearl" shows that the dragon is continually in the pursuit of wisdom.
The dancesr carry the dragon on poles and can be seen.
The lion dance is performed by 2 people.
Tbe dancers are hidden.
Lion Dance is performed accompanied by the music of beating of drums, cymbals, and gongs instruments synchronise to the lion dance movements and actions.
Dragons are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas.
The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck.
The Emperor of China usually uses the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power.
The dragon has 9 offspring.

yellow symbolizing the solemn empire
Green is sometimes selected as a main color of the dragon, which symbolizes a great harvest.

Descendants of the dragon are the Chinese people.