hi mum how are you

hows it all going txt bak. i will check tomorrow after school (thursday 4.20)

hi mum how are you. (friday 4.05)

Hi Babe,
How are you.
We are here at Tony and Marg;s place on the river.
It is 6.19 Oz time
Auckland time is 8.20
We arrived safely and today we trained up to Windsor.
We met all of Tony's children and grandchildren.

Having dinner with them.
Tomorrow we are having dinner with Mike's family.

Dad sends his love to mum and hopes that you are looking after her well.
Don't forget to take her for walks.

I hope today worked out well for you.
Luff u lots and luff to grandma too.

we have been watching two and a half men daily. Playin cards grandma cheats but i still win.
we had sushi for dinner. might go to the movies today. weather is not good cloudy but not raining.
love to you both hope all is going well. we are playing cards now and watching two and a half men.
lots of love grandma and francis. (saturday 10.10am)

Tell Grandad this. there was a it of confusion at the end of our game of sweepi then I looked through grndmas cards and she had 3 queens. How can You get 3 queens

Saturday night
9.00pm Oz
11.30 NZ
Hi Babe,
Great message
Tell Grandma that Grandad is missing her heaps.
If you can get a message to Aunty Kathie,
Is the hotel on Liverpool street?
And text me back.
I can't contact her.
It is like our phones are locked out.
We will train in with Tony and Marg to Sydney.
But don't know the exact location.
We had a huge day today with Mike Jocelyn and their children.
Tony and Marg were with us.
We were together for nearly 11 hours gossiping and having a great catch up time.
Their son Matt and his wife Serah hosted everyone for the day.
We shared stories and photos and I got to know all the young ones.
It was just lovely.
Tomorrow there is jet boat racing on the Hawkesbury river.
We will have cooked breakfast and then catch the train to sydey.
All going well we will catch up with Kathy and her girls.
Missing you heaps.
Next time we will make this trip together.
It will be like visiting ashburton.

Love to grandma.
Grandad sends his love too.
I have put him to bed.
He is knackered.

Love to you the most.

love u lots it just says meraton.
goimg to camerons thing in a couple of minutes.
hope you have fun francis (sunday 8.50am)

you told me to check the internet and you havnt even replied today was really great had alot of fun went back to brocks place for lunch then had heaps of fun francis. (6.50)
ps what time is your plane it doesnt say on the fridge.

Hi Babe,
We will be in later on Monday.
I can't wait to C U.
Missed you heaps.
Grandad and me are very tired.
How is Grandma?