2009 School Appraisal

Appraisee: Sonya Van Schaijik Appraisor: DP

Self Appraisal and Summary of Meetings: Term 2 / Term 4

Focus Areas Term 2 Term 4
Goal One
To participate in Numeracy Professional development to improve pedagogical .knowledge and student outcomes

18/05/0-Jill and Erin

11/-6/09-Erin and Jill

Focus on using ICT and mathematics eg: sketchup with Rm 10 and 11.
Goal Two
To participate in SustainEd ICT professional development to improve pedagogical knowledge and student outcomes.

Julie Mills- Hooked on learning Catch up day 30/03/09

6/05/09- Solo maps with Pam HookTeachers observed Pam with 16 children Year 5 & 6

Pt England School Unconference 09/05/09
Attended ULearn 09

Met with Pam 21/10/09

Goal Three
To participate in Literacy professional development to improve pedagogical knowledge and student outcomes.

To use Solo maps to develop speeches for my ESOL children.

Attend the Anne Girven afternoon on 17/09/09

-Benchmarked Room 8 PI group on their writing.
Goal Four
To meet school targets:
Reading –asTTle/STAR/Running Records
Maths – Gloss
Maori and Pacific students’ reading progress

Practice running records to remain current with testing procedures.
Test the group in Room 8 by the end of term 3.

Helped teachers with constructing comments.
11/11/09 Natasha
12/11/09 Kylie
14/11/09 Natasha

Tested and leveled Rm 10 on Geometry
Tested Rm 4 on Time and geometry

Goal Five (Personal)

Using SOLO taxonomy as a framework for teaching and learning
Created a wikispace and a reflective blog

-Weekly planning focusing on SOLO as the framework for learning with ICT, science and other curriculum areas.
-SOLO wikispace updated for MOE milestone.
School Wide Responsibilities
School Wikifarm
Web 2 tools development
Class blogs up and live.
Youtube used for talents and highlights.

Differentiated Groupings
(Focus/Target Groups
e.g. G.T., E.S.O.L.

(See School website Room 5)
GAT- Jasper and Kevin

G&T ICT using action research and SOLO Taxonomy
Sketchup and SOLO Taxonomy

Discussion Points/Recommendations

Running records to do

Personal shift in the use of SOLO taxonomy from level 3: strategic use to level 4: reflective use

My reflection on SOLO Taxonomy

Using SOLO framework for learning.
Eg: Sketchup co-construction Rubrik
Opportunity for staff to celebrate their learning.
Present at Rotorua conference.

Run a kids conference with the cluster school.