These are my current learning links that I am always on to keep me focussed. These are my ICT mentors.
I am also monitoring their RSS feeds as one of my goals is to evaluate the relevance of why would you put a feed on your site.
Hey Dorothy, I am sharing the love.
Her blog celebrates what her students do with web 2 tools.

Dorothy showed me how to feed traffic.
Sumich from Summerland School always tells us as it is.
The Podgorani
Paul Sibson Principal of Fendalton School.
Who introduced me to twitter and blogs via their school website. His blog is a great example of a school leader using blog with his school community.
Lenva Shearing- Wiki queen who clarified wiki tricks and inspired me to reactivate my OLD wiki account and do something with it.
Paul Sibson - Principal
Change My World
Peter Hall: One young inspirational teacher who is passionate about student learning.
Cheryl Doig my very first twitter follower who has not given up on me yet.
A fellow Cantabrian.
A thinking leader who has great enthusiasm and uses lots of web 2 tools to celebrate learning.

    Think Beyond
    John Biggs website
    John has shown an interest in my use of web 2 tools and SOLO.
    This has kept my momentum use of Web 2 tools.
    This wiki is lead by David and inspired me to
    unlock the tricks of wiki,
    I managed to create page 2 for Newmarket.
    David always answers our techy questions and helps us find solutions.
    Cluster link
    Pam's Blog
    Her instant feedback to our baby steps is truly inspirational.
    She also makes the best insects.
    Fiona Grant: took web 2 tools to a new height for me.
    She uses them all.
    Our SOLO mentors: Pam and Julie
    Sustained Blog:
    The ICTPD cluster Newmarket are members of.
    Jesse's ePortfolio
    Check out how Jesse yr9 has used a wiki to log her learning journey.
    This wiki is absolutely stunning.
    SustainED Maungarei Kaitiakitanga ICTPD cluster
    If you are looking for a great list of Curriculum Learning links, check out what Lavinia from Rosebank put together.
    My awesome school Newmarket. We are on the SOLO journey and motivate and celebrate each others baby steps.
    ICT in English NZ
    Matts Blog from Samoa
    I enjoy following what is happening in my home country.
    Matt demonstrates the importnace of fast loading blogs and how he uses tags to help keep track of his writing.
    Very tidy.
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      Matt's Samoa Blog