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Professional Goal 2012
SOLO as the framework
Evidence is hyperlinked.

Term 2
Term 4
Goal One
Inquiry Action
-Closely monitor 3x new learners of English and ensure that they make consistant progress.
-Wrote an article outlining factors that affect second langiage learners
Goal Two
Inclusive Environment

Goal Three
To participate in PBL4
Am a member of green house
Give out tokens.

Goal Four
Science Review and Improvement
Have taken a group of students for the New Zealand National Science Certificate.
Have found the time challenging as the chn are already involved in several activities.
Met with Susan regarding making better use of my time.
Attended a webinair Science in the classroom with Mary Loveless
Created a science page on our links wikispace
Created and ensured all teachers registered for the VLN and joined our online science group
Attended science professional development with staff.
Continued with the group.
But again time factor is difficult.
I think next year, I would like to run it as part of the class programme.
Ensured that a reflection with photos was written up from the science day
Ongoing maintenance of the VLN science site.
Goal Five (Personal)
Continue to to be actively involved in e-learing as an efellow.
To present a pechakucha at Ignite
- did not eventuate as I was sick
Present a pechakucha at Ignite
Present as part of a global educators webinair
School Wide Responsibilities
M Unit- ESOL data, funding, teacher aide time for ESOL
ICT Lead Teacher, Techtime, Superclubsplus, My Portfolio, VLN
Hosting of the MLA
Complete data for ESOL funding in a timely manner.
Attend ESOL area meetings each term.
Attended a webinair regarding funding.
Attend training on Myportfolio.
Continue to develop working knowledge of online environments for children.
Work alongside techie.
Push out NZEI information to staff
Ensured that our MLA is happy and is mixing with staff
Attend meetings for TravelWise
-Planning for real day- celebrations
-Presented at Lead Teacher meeting
-Attended Auckland area celebration
-Set up wikispace
All ESOL data has been completed in a timely manner. In term 2 we were given a bonus for our funding. Maybe next time I would like some say in the way the money is spent.
Have ensured that the school transfer to Skoodle has taken place.
A piece of writing was published in software for learning.
Sent out a reminder that staff need to help me with our MLA

-Attend meetings for TravelWise
-Ongoing networking withTravelWise schools.
Differentiated Groupings
(Focus/Target Groups
e.g. G.T., E.S.O.L. International
Using SOLO HOT Rubrics to identify where the learning is and what next steps are.
Focus on reading and ESOL.
Am already doing writing and SOLO, refer modelling books and children's books.
Continue to have an administration slot for ESOL has been fantastic and much appreciated.
Discussion Points/Recommendations
Observed for Science, videoed and discussion.
Book a time for observation by appraiser.
Was observed by Virginia teaching SOLO and given feedback.
I have asked for greater leadership in ICT for 2013 and have requested time to develop our online spaces.