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O le ala i le pule o le Tautua - The path to leadership is through service.

E Iloa le Samoa i lana tu, amio ma ana aga- One can always tell a true Samoan by their posture, behaviour and heart

This is my Personal Learning Environment. A place where I do my web doodling and a place to put my thoughts in one place. A place where I keep track of my learning. It is not a Learning Management system because it does not keep track of my dates. But I can see the two are intertwined in some way. My next learning steps are to do more writing and reflection on my learning. As Pam would say- It is not the tools, and the flash presentations but the thinking behind the process.
Creativity is the process of having original ideas that you value
I am using my wiki to set my personal learning goals and as a way to reflect on using SOLO taxonomy as a framework for teaching and learning.
I pasted my blogs into wordle and can see that I have a Teacher's Solo Thinking Learning Blog.

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